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I recently purchased a Wuelf slide off of eBay. I've been wanting to get a proper 9mm Glock set up for a while now and figured this would be a good start on that journey. The slide came loosely packaged in the box with two longer screws for the rmr cut out. I don't currently have a site I could run on this slide so when I build it out I'll likely just be running iron sights while I save up my pennies for something. I upon inspecting the slide I noticed the weep hole cut out appeared to be cut crudely.


I also noticed some marring on the finish one from a scribe mark for the front sight post and two on the side of the slide from what I assume are the loosely bagged screws banging around in the package.  I also noticed the front sight was installed crooked. Not exactly the quality control I was expecting out of something from the good old USA, however it's entirely possible this all happened during shipping...which would have been remedied by better packaging. Except the machining part that one is QC.

I contacted the eBay seller and they responded within 24 hours noting that that was not acceptable and that I should send it back. I mulled over just keeping it since slidewear will do more to those areas than a few nicks. I inquired about the weephole and never got a direct response about whether it would hinder functionality. I figured that means it wont so I chose to keep the slide as is. One must remember that the seller did ask for me to return the item right away and I'm deciding to keep it regardless. I ended up removing the front and rear polysights. Upon removal I noticed that the bottom of the front sight's base was canted, not that I'd ever reuse it but that means it's toast. Rear polysight is probably fine, but again I'll be replacing them with some low light steel sights.  Aside from those issues, fit, finish, and machining seemed to be very good. Manual cycling on my stock glock receiver seemed to work better than my stock glock slide. I ended up completing the slide with an upper parts kit from LJ's AR Manufacturing. I'll try to post an update when I can take it to the range, but for now I've uploaded the unboxing video here


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